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    GSI – Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik international mbH
    SLV – Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalten
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    Principles of the GSI

    • The GSI -Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH, an innovative service provider, is the competent partner for trade and industry in all areas of joining, cutting and coating. It is a company belonging to the DVS – German Association for Welding and Related Processes -focussing on and further expanding their field of operations.
    • The GSI offers both, economic and competitive solutions for safeguarding the quality of joined products.
    • The products of the GSI, by fulfilling the highest demands on performance, are engineering solutions of the most elevated quality.
    • The GSI develops expert skills by coordinating consulting, research, material testing, certification as well as education and further training. This specialised competence obtained through coordination has made a contribution to the development of national and international standards and guidelines.
    • The GSI carries out their activities impartially, objectively and confidentially. In doing so they follow the rules of good technical and scientific practice.
    • Due to their methodical competence, the GSI is market leader on the field of education and training.
    • The GSI is supported by their branches in a network all over Germany, expanding it internationally to the benefit of their customers.
    • The GSI is open to all forms of cooperations.
    • The GSI is a non-profit making company safeguarding their innovative capabilities. In doing so they act customer and benefit oriented.
    • One of the most important resources of the GSI is the knowledge and the social competence of our staff.