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Process optimisation

"Like changed" - New values due to optimisation

From our advice experience, we know that markets and requirements are altering ever more quickly. The challenges for companies consist of producing products in ever shorter periods under considerable cost pressure and supplying them on schedule with constantly stringent quality requirements. In order to perform these tasks, it is necessary to structure and standardise processes. With the right tools, as yet unrecognised potentials can be transformed into new values. 

Your benefits - Why process optimisation?

Our optimisation ranges on offer help you to master current challenges and to create additional advantages in competition in this way.

  • Shortening the lead times
  • Reducing internal costs
  • Documenting the process reliability
  • Increasing the quality (less remachining)
  • Raising the turnovers 

Your advantage - Why GSI?

You are not familiar with process optimisation from GSI? We are the ideal partner in order to implement efficient and sustainable intentions and projects together with you using holistic approaches. GSI because:

Core competence in welding technology

For over 85 years, we have optimised welding procedures for our customers. The results of a large number of our own R&D projects keep our practical experience up to date for you. All our specialists in welding technology possess qualifications as a welding engineer, technologist or specialist.

Process competence

In the fields of lean management and Six Sigma, we call upon wide expert competence from over 20 yellow belts, twelve green belts as well as black belts and master black belts. In addition, all our specialists possess extensive experience in welding, testing and/or corrosion protection technology. Thus, we guarantee you that your projects will be approached and implemented in a pragmatic and expedient way.

Non-profit-making system supplier

With us, welding, advice, development, optimisation and qualification come from one source for you. We are not a manufacturer and are thus independent as far as the selection of the process engineering is concerned. We offer short communication paths and high transparency with the concentration on the essentials.

Training and certification measure 

As an accredited training and further education establishment, we train your employees in a way targeted to your needs. Due to our accredited testing laboratories, we can assure the highest quality standard as a result of project-accompanying materials tests. As a recognised body, we can finally certify your company for the different applications (e.g. DIN EN 1090, DIN EN ISO 3834 or DIN EN ISO 9001).

Practical competence

We have over 4,000 customers from medium-sized enterprises alone. From practice for practice, we know exactly what measures lead to optimisation.

Our spectrum of services - We turn the right setscrews

Structured process analyses and optimisation

We build upon decades of experience with our customers. Until now, we have already been able to identify many key factors for successful optimisation projects and have always known exactly what measures lead to optimisation.

Together with you, we define your short-term and long-term objectives for your company. From a set of building blocks consisting of over 350 methods from the fields of Six Sigma and lean management, we select the required tools and adapt them to your needs individually. We portray existing actual processes and tackle problems bit by bit. The ability analysis of the employees in the processes is also incorporated into the analysis of your fabrication processes with all the relevant characteristic figures such as lead times, process costs, setting-up times, waiting times, store sizes etc. The result is not a plan of measures which disappears in a drawer. Because we accompany you during the establishing procedure too. Therefore, we not only offer solutions but also implement these solutions. We assist you from the start to the end.

Practise what you preach - Our experience becomes your advantage

Absolutely according to the motto of "Practise what you preach", we regularly use our analysis and optimisation skills for internal processes too. For example, our Six Sigma project for welder qualification tests has become a customer promise.

We have managed to reduce the lead times for a welder qualification test from 35 days on average to a maximum of five days. In this respect, it was possible to reduce the internal costs from € 700,000 per year to € 470,000 per year and the number of critical processes from 20 to twelve. 

With this gained speed and an adjusted price structure, we are absolutely strong on the market once again.

Not only projects and overall solutions - The missing piece of the jigsaw 

A few methods in particular have crystallised out of our everyday practice. We have established that a few methods which we have refined not only function in overall projects but also, applied individually, quickly lead to the desired result. 

Consequently, we offer not only overall solutions but also individual solutions. Because one piece of the jigsaw which completes your system is sometimes missing.

We adapt corresponding methods to your situation individually, implement them together with you and accompany you during the establishing procedure. We support you to such an extent that you can carry out any subsequent extensions yourself without any problems. 

In this respect, communication, personnel development, standard approaches and risk analysis are our focal points.

The teamboard - The control centre of the team

The teamboard - The control centre of the team

The central element for a functioning system is communication. The teamboard stands for communication, transparency, capacity planning and team control.

"… there, one hand does not know what the other is doing …" and "… the office grapevine is the most important means of coordination between the colleagues …" are just a couple of statements made by our customers. It is hardly believable where everybody is talking about Industry 4.0 and we have so many possibilities digitally. However, appointments are entered in our digital calendars, tasks disappear in Excel lists and information is lost in the e‑mail jungle.

We have elaborated the perfect solution and tested it in our own company. As a result of the teamboard, every team member can make plans for an entire week and exchange information efficiently within a short time. It creates absolute transparency as far as activity and project progress is concerned and helps to solve any problems or difficulties in the team without delay. Any capacity bottlenecks are recognised quickly and cooperation is promoted. Weekly meetings which last several hours and end with minutes which hardly anybody has looked at by the next meeting or statements like "What do you actually do all day long" are thus consigned to history. They are replaced by the daily teamboard meeting (ten to 15 minutes depending on the team size) and ensure the greatest possible information flow and a quicker reaction time. 

Are you of the opinion that it is not appropriate for your team? Of course, every team is different. The composition, the tasks, the input and the output. We adapt the teamboard to your needs and requirements and accompany you until it works.

Let yourself be convinced. We will be happy to invite you to our premises in Duisburg in order to watch such a teamboard meeting live. In the most diverse variants, they are used in many of our departments. For more information, simply get in touch with us.

The skill matrix - The ability to control abilities

The skill matrix - The ability to control abilities

The skill matrix is the clearest way of controlling the skills and abilities of employees.

Personnel development can be portrayed and controlled in such a pragmatic way. In this respect, it does not play any role whether the skill matrix is designed for a group, a department, a team or the entire company.

The skill matrix is used in order to record the current actual condition and to directly compare the stipulated objectives or the need for abilities and skills. The need for the further development of employees is identified and promoted quickly.

If an employee is suddenly absent, it is noticed that none of his/her colleagues can take on his/her work. Then, it is mostly already too late because the daily business is continuing to run. What now? The skill matrix makes it possible to recognise operational risks for certain fields at an early stage and to eliminate them by taking steps adapted to the company strategy.

Not only multiskilling but also the coordination of complex projects can be improved using this method. Because you have an overview about which of your employees are most suitable for what tasks.

We help not only our customers when elaborating such skill matrices. It belongs to the company culture in GSI too. For further information, get in touch with us.

The standard operating procedure (SOP) - Step by step to quality

The standard operating procedure (SOP) - Step by step to quality

The SOP (standard operating procedure) is a particular form of a standard approach for processes or sequences. 

Procedural instructions are generally known. But do employees really read through these? Or are they located in some drawers and QM manuals from where they are never taken again?

The SOP is from the workplace for the workplace. It is a binding description of sequences and processes. It includes the optimum sequence of process steps with a detailed description of any necessary operations or logical countermeasures for all the possible scenarios. It is not a list of instructions but is instead provided with visually supported examples and experience.

The SOP is elaborated from the corresponding workplace and ensures that the work can be carried out both theoretically and practically. The know-how of employees is thus documented and passed on in a comprehensible form. This makes it easier to stand in for employees or to train new employees.

This is also a method which we utilise successfully on customers' premises and in our own company on numerous occasions. Get in touch with us for details.

The risk analysis (FMEA) - Avoid failures before they arise

The risk analysis (FMEA) - Avoid failures before they arise

The FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis) is an effective method in order to record, assess and eliminate any failures in business processes or products.

The FMEA is a predominantly preventive technique. This means that this method does not focus on recording any existing failures but instead on recognising at an early stage any failures which have not yet arisen. In this respect, causes are identified and not only the occurrence and discovery probabilities but also the consequences are analysed and assessed. It is a practical method of elaborating measures and plans of action for avoiding any failures and, in particular, of prioritising them too. Because the critical failures should be eliminated first of all.

We will be happy to support you during the elaboration of FMEAs for the most diverse areas in your company and to make this tool one of your standard tools. Get in touch with us for details.

The new ISO 9001:2015 - Focus on the risk

In addition to the advantages offered by our pragmatic tools from the fields of Six Sigma and lean management, these are also completely congruent with the new challenges in ISO 9001:2015.

Use our tools for an easier transition to the new ISO 9001:2015.
Get in touch with us for further information.


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