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Internationaler Schweißfachingenieur (englisch)

IIW-Lehrgang Internationaler Schweißfachingenieur nach Richtlinie IAB-252-11

Ausbildung in englischer Sprache inkl. Fernlehrgangs-Lernzeiten


IIW-Training Course International Welding Engineer acc. to Guideline IAB-252-11 The Welding Engineer – Guarantor of Quality Assurance in Welding> Engineers with comprehensive knowledge in welding are necessary from design to manufacture, in order to fulfil the extensive tasks when designing bridges, pressure vessels, steam boilers, steel structures, vehicles for use in water, air, space and on rail as well as the construction of machines, installations and pipelines.

Required Qualification

Graduate, and B.Eng. or M.Eng. at a university, technical school, university of applied sciences or technical college on a technical subject or graduate as B.Sc. and M.Sc. on a technical subject. Participation in a training course is also possible for university graduates without professional experience. It is, however recommendable to have obtained at least one year of experience in a job.
Training Programme

Course Program

The training course for welding engineers (448 teaching hours) is divided into 3 parts and 4 modules:
Parts 1 and 3 - Theoretical Training

The IWE-course Part 1 can be taken as a distance learning course. The IWE course Part 3 can be taken as a blended learning course (distance learning combined with classroom learning).
Module 1 - Welding Processes and Equipment (95 teaching hours)
Autogenous technology, cutting, power sources, arc welding, shielded arc welding, submerged arc welding, resistance welding, special welding processes, spraying, soldering and brazing, joining, automation

Module 2 - Materials and their behaviour during Welding (115 teaching hours)
Steel production, alloys, thermal treatment, formation of cracks, corrosion, wear, non-iron metals, metallography

Module 3 - Design and Construction (62 teaching hours)
Strength of materials, calculation of weld seams, design, construction, behaviour of welded joints exerted to different loads and fracture mechanics

Module 4 - Production Engineering and Application Technology (116 teaching hours)
Quality assurance, welders examination, welding procedure specification, working safety, internal stresses and distortion, workshop equipment, non-destructive testing, economic efficiency, repair welding, case studies

Part 2 - Practical Training (60 teaching hours)
Gas welding, arc welding, gas-shielded metal arc welding, tungsten inert gas welding, presentation of other welding processes


Written and Oral (12 hours)
Completion of the course

After having passed the exam, the participant will receive a diploma International Welding Engineer (IWE).

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