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Certification of welding coordinators

Why certification of the welding coordinator?

Within the framework of globalisation and the thus applicable sets of international rules, ever more significance is being attached to proof of quality. The consequence of this is that new technical codes, guidelines and standards will soon come into force more quickly. In the future, this may mean that the awarding of an order depends on whether a manufacturer is certified according to the DIN  EN  ISO  3834 standard and therefore proves a high quality standard.

Knowledge and quality are essential constituents in the field of all welding-related activities. Qualified, competent personnel with the latest level of knowledge is required for this purpose. It may be expected that proof of this too will be demanded to an increasing extent in the future. The certification of the welding coordinator (WC) is not imperative but a corresponding IIW certificate facilitates the certification process according to DIN  EN  ISO  3834. A welding coordinator is certified according to DIN  EN  ISO  14731