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EWF Annual Meeting 2014

Participants of the EWF Annual Meeting 2014

The NIL (Dutch Association of welding) invited the EWF (European Welding Federation) to Rotterdam for the annual meeting in May 2014. The highlight of this event was the meeting place.  The historical cruise ship “SS Rotterdam”, which served as both the meeting place and as the participant’s hotel.

More than 40 participants from 20 countries took part in the event, including Dr. Roland Boecking, chief executive of the DVS and Martin Lehmann, Chief Executive of the Authorised National Body (ANB) in Germany (DVS PersZert) and Dr. Klaus Middeldorf, CEO of GSI and treasurer of the EWF and Christian Ahrens as Lead Auditor and Chairman and member of various working groups of the EWF.

The following topics were discussed:

- For PersZert (Partner in the personnel qualification of specialists and managers in the fields of joining, cutting and coating) DVS, extension of education to the EWF guideline 652 (Welding Coordinator EN 1090) was accepted.

- The restriction of competition within the EWF was reviewed by a lawyer.

- For all policy work groups is a member survey to target to gain new employees.

- Revised training guidelines EWF 652 (Welding Coordinators), EWF 657 (laser), EWF EWF 525 and 621 (resistance welding), EWF 459 (thermal spraying) and EWF 570 (underwater welding) have been adopted.

- EWF and EWNDT have completed a contract to cooperate with each other.

- European funding programs Erasmus and Horizon 2020 were presented.

- The welder Weldcup will takes place in the UK in the fall of 2015.

- The next Eurojoin 9 will be held in 2015 in Bergen, Norway.