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Expansion of cooperation with companies and organizations in China

At this year's International Trade Fair Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting in Beijing several events were of GSI representatives attended, held lectures and conferences and held talks with several Chinese partner organizations. Call be paid to the participation of GSI - staff at the Beijing 2014 ARC Welding Cup International Competition in Beijing with 300 participants from 13 countries from Europe and Asia. This international competition to hand-held welder and robot-controlled welding process is performed with increasing number of participants for several years. Germany participates - organized through the DVS - regularly on this welder competition and has even won this year's first place in the team standings. The GSI regularly supports this active measure of young talent. Among other things, a commitment to further support the preparation and implementation of this international competition was commissioned in June 2016.

In connection with this international competition welder was the participation of GSI representatives in the "2014 International Forum on Vocational Training in Welding and Surfacing", with a presentation on "Trends in Welding and Joining - How is China Influencing Germany's Welding Industry?" The importance of the participation of GSI participants in the regularly held welder competitions in China and in international fora should also be seen against the background of stronger cooperation between GSI and SASAC, SASAC - State Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of PR China - bundles a variety of state-owned enterprises in the fields of production and welding technology in China. Is a general agreement between SASAC and GSI in preparation, will include with the goal of international education partnership that joint training and testing of welders and welding personnel to this cooperation.

On "Towards a new era of robot welding" organized. The GSI was represented with a lecture on "Industrial Robots and Automation in Welding and Joining." The topic of automation in welding technology has been intensively with exhibitors more specialized subjects were represented by GSI representatives on the occasion of participation in the "China Welding Industry Forum". This forum was organized by the CWA - discussed Chinese Welding Association at the trade fair Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting. Good opportunities for further development are generally in the automation seen - not only from German and European exhibitors at the show, but also by the Chinese organizations CWA - Chinese Welding Association and CWS - Chinese Welding Society. 

Interlocutor of these organizations see approaches for joint projects, for example, between the GSI and the WTI - Welding Training Institute. These initial ideas were exchanged at an event that took place on the 30th anniversary of cooperation between WTI and GSI SLV Duisburg. This event reflected with German and Chinese participants the past, present and future of this cooperation, which is now dominated by the themes welder certification and auditing and certification of enterprises according to various international regulations substantially. At this event in the establishment of the WTI in Beijing around 100 participants attended, including representatives of German companies such as Carl Cloos Welding GmbH, Lorch Welding GmbH, EWM AG and Messer Cutting Systems. Also, the DVS was represented by its chief executive Dr. Boecking GTZ with its Deputy Country Director Dr. Jürgen Steiger. Overall, the stable foundation for further cooperation between the WTI and the GSI was confirmed in the coming years. Further, in the onward journey to Chongqing in central China, a cooperation agreement was signed with a local vocational school. Its goal is to train the teachers there according  to the system of DVS as welding  foreman and certify  them according to international standards by the GSI.