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GSI active in the 45th EWF General Assembly in Oeiras, Portugal, on Nov. 18, 2014

During this event Christian Ahrens and Roger van den Brekel, both from GSI mbH, Duisburg, were representing DVS as well as GSI mbH as their national delegates.
This 2014 event will for sure be remembered as a historical milestone in the history of EWF.
The discussion about the competition rules inside the EWF – being raised again and again by the German delegates for a long time – did come to a sudden end after a long and ongoing lively debate in the EWF General Assembly Meeting.
Conclusion: the basic rules of EWF (and later also those of IIW) must be changed!
The self-made restrictions that ANB’s and ATB’s are only allowed to be active in their own country and/or have to ask for a special permission when crossing the border to other EU countries, do not comply with European laws.
By the end of 2015 at the latest, these rules must have been changed.
Such a change of rules may lead to the situation that DVS Zert re-applies for ANBCC as the existing rules have been the reason for their voluntary authorisation withdrawal.
The other items of the agenda were in line with the expectations of normal proceeding. However, a re-organisation of the existing working groups will lead to the necessary updating of the guidelines within a short period of time.