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GSI at Schweissen & Schneiden 2013 in Essen

According to the latest study which was conducted by Bochum University and was actively accompanied by DVS and GSI, the production value of joining technology in Germany in 2010 amounted to € 4.9 billion. For 2011, this value amounted to € 6.2 billion. This production value describes the manufacture of goods and systems as well as all the complementary goods for joining technology and welding technology - including the training and further education of the personnel dealing with joining and welding technology. The comparable production value for the states in Europe amounted to € 15.4 billion for 2010. In Germany, over 30,000 jobs were connected with the manufacture of all these products for joining technology and welding technology and with the rendering of the relevant services in 2010 and nearly 35,000 jobs in 2011. This means that welding technology and joining technology safeguard jobs! In Europe, the number of jobs connected with the manufacture of these products and with the rendering of the services amounted to 80,000! On the basis of these values for Germany and for Europe, a value of around € 50 billion can be estimated for the worldwide production of joining technology.

The international Schweissen & Schneiden trade fair in Essen in September 2013 will be the world's most interesting marketplace for all these products and for the relevant services. And where would GSI be better-positioned on these days than right in the middle of the action? Therefore, GSI (together with the DVS society and the DVS Media publishing house) will be represented at the fair in two places: in Hall 12 on the cooperative booth and in the Galeria as the (co-)organiser of the German, European and international welding competitions in 2013 called Young Welders, Weldcup and the International Welders' Competition respectively.

On the cooperative booth, GSI will show, as its first main focal point at the fair, all the facets of modern training and further education in welding technology - from welding training to welding engineer training. And if you always wanted to know what connection exists between the training of welders and the training of high divers, then visit GSI in Hall 12 and you will find out. While doing so, you will simultaneously be able to take a look at the new training documents for the welding engineer (in German and in English)!

You will be able to experience GSI's particular commitment to promoting the next generation in welding technology during the preparation and staging of the German, European and international welders' competitions - expert knowledge, manual skills, the will to perform and 100 % passion, with participants from Germany, fourteen European states and the People's Republic of China.

Besides, the significance of welding technology is shown not only in the manufacture of goods and the rendering of services but also especially in its application in the companies. In Germany, 332,500 people (including 156,000 welders) generate a value added amounting to nearly € 19 billion in these companies. In Europe, over 1.1 million people (including nearly 650,000 welders) generate a value added of around € 60 billion. This means that the application of welding technology in Germany and in Europe safeguards an impressive number of jobs in the companies: in Europe, over 1.1 million!

For all the companies applying welding technology and joining technology, the quality of the manufactured products is the top priority. As its second main focal point at the fair, GSI will therefore offer comprehensive information and advice about all the measures relating to quality assurance. These ranges offered by GSI (incidentally, are you already familiar with the GSI Manual 1090?) are supplemented by the ranges of certification offered by DVS ZERT GmbH, particularly as far as the implementation of EN 1090 for the execution of steel and aluminium supporting structures is concerned, i.e. quality assurance at first hand for the users of joining technology and welding technology.

In the course of the week at the fair, around 20 employees will present GSI and will advise guests and customers. We are looking forward to meeting the international community of welding technology in Essen and we are looking forward to an intensive exchange of ideas with the companies from Germany, Europe and the world. It will become exciting and strenuous but we will be right in the middle of the happenings. Visit us. We are looking forward to seeing you!