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GSI Will Actively Participate in the DVS CONGRESS and the DVS EXPO 2015

GSI mbH and its cooperating facilities will use the DVS CONGRESS and the DVS EXPO on September 14-17, 2015 for a comprehensive presentation of their products and services. As speakers and chairpersons of discussions, 25 representatives from the GSI group will be involved in the largest welding and joining technology event in Germany in 2015 - the complete programme can be retrieved from DVS CONGRESS 2015

In their lectures during the DVS CONGRESS, the GSI representatives will deal with the following subjects:

Process developments

  • Plasma cutting of stainless steels - Possibilities and limits for the optimisation of the cutting quality
  • Resistance spot welding installations for bodywork repair - More than a crutch
  • Friction stir welding with ceramic tools - Experience
  • Friction spot welding as an end hole closing process for friction stir welds and as a repair process on aluminium structures
  • Setting-up of an easy-to-handle system for the validation of power source parameter ranges in a networked environment


  • Training according to the DVS 1184 guideline - Operator for fully mechanised and automatic welding facilities
  • Automated laser beam welding and testing of pipe joints - Innovative joining technology for steel pipes

Training in DVS - Training of welding coordinators

  • Personnel qualification and personnel certification in DVS
  • DVS IIW welding coordination personnel - Guarantee for quality in all fields of fabrication by means of welding technology

Modern welder training - Also using welding trainer systems

  • Utilisation of virtual welding trainer systems (VWTSs) in training and further education
  • Possibilities and technical-economic limits of VWTSs - A balance between the demands of customers and feasibility with respect to the GSI SLV Welding Trainer
  • Train the trainer
  • Development of a modern S K S system for the lifelong education of welders directed towards welding quality assurance

Materials engineering

  • Checking of the maximum permissible hardness values of thermally cut edges according to DIN EN 1090 2 with regard to the susceptibility to cold cracking
  • Influence of the weld quality (internal irregularities such as pores, clusters of pores and inclusions) on the fatigue strengths of welded joints

Auditing and certification of companies

  • Certification system called Online Register for Rail Vehicles
  • Report on the experience with the certification of the factory production control systems of welding plants according to EN 1090 for the field of dimensioning
  • Authorisation of rail vehicle construction plants for adhesive bonding technology - Eight years of experience with DIN 6701

Contact: Klaus Middeldorf