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GSI’s successfully innovative participation in the World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT 2016)

The booth at the fair WCNDT

On June 13   17, 2016, GSI participated in the World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in Munich. The cooperation partner TÜV Nord was on board too. Attention centred not only on the classic NDT training but also on the presentation of new learning methods, e.g. improving the training and the further education using additively manufactured exercise pieces. Especially these “printed welds“ made of the most diverse materials met with very keen, also international interest. Furthermore, there was increased demand for the interlinking of welding and testing technologies via the international welding inspector. GSI‘s distinct multimedia appearance at WCNDT 2016 also revealed the greater future-oriented focus in the training. An extended range of web-based e learning on offer in the ultrasonic field as well as the training optionally with a tablet PC or files should organise the learning as effectively as possible.

For 2017, GSI has adjusted and supplemented its training not only in the described sense. For example, the available range was also extended by the welding technology part of the International Welding Inspection Personnel (IWIP).
The occupational profile of the International Welding Inspection Personnel (IWIP) coordinates the tasks and responsibilities according to DIN EN ISO 14731. Corresponding knowledge in both fields is demanded in order to be able to perform the set tasks in a proper and also legally safeguarded way. Therefore, these people are taught comprehensively in theory and practice with regard to both welding technology and testing technology.
The participants in the fair took up the advantages of the extended IWI course with interest. Inquiries were primarily geared to the scope and extent of the training. According to this new concept, the participant in an IWI course obtains, with a comparatively small scope of work, an IWI diploma and up to four certificates according to ISO 9712 and thus well-founded specialist knowledge in the fields of welding technology and testing technology!
This serves to lay the foundation to be able to provide specialist and competent support for the welding technology processes for a lot of plants. As from 2017, GSI will offer corresponding welding technology IWI courses in its companies.

GSI’s participation in the fair was also used for an intensive exchange of expertise between partners from industry, device manufacturers and competitors. Here as well, the additively manufactured exhibition items were the quintessential magnet. Our exercise pieces for GSI‘s current training can be used reproducibly as uniform and thus comparable examples from practice for all the course participants. Moreover, physical connections can be visualised by utilising transparent plastic pieces.
With interest, the clientele from industry reacted to the possibility of the additive procedures to graphically portray even special problems for training purposes.
It still remains to be noted that an employee of SLV Hannover, Dr. Ing. Bernd Heutling, delivered a lecture on the subject of eddy current technology at the conference.

It was the first time that GSI had taken part in an international congress in the field of NDT in this order of magnitude. The responses, particularly to GSI‘s innovations and specialities, were positive without exception and show us that we must continue and extend our commitment in the field of NDT.

Further information: Johann-Paul Lesniak