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ISO 9606-1: International exchange of experience

Prof. Dr. Yoshinori Hirata (left) and Dr. Klaus Middeldorf (right)

Japanese arc physicist visited the SLV Duisburg

Speaking at a meeting of the Standards Committee ISO/TC44/SC10-11 in Berlin made Prof. Yoshinori Hirata (a recognized arc physicist at Osaka University) the good contacts with Dr. Klaus Middeldorf, CEO of GSI mbH, to share their experiences about the practical application of new welder qualification test standard ISO 9606-1 in the SLV Duisburg.

In preparation for the implementation of ISO 9606-1 in the national rules of the JWES (Japan Welding Engineering Society) took place the first welder qualification tests in Japan last year. The resulting outcome was that Prof. Hirata could talk with Dr. Markus Holthaus and Mr. Jörg Lechtenböhmer (Department of Materials and methods) and compare with them the previous experience of the SLV Duisburg.

In addition to the practical implementation of the new standard was Prof.  Hirata very  interested in the SLV Duisburg used barcode system that has been working successfully for years. This is based on the welder qualification test software package DIVA system that allows quick and transparent processing of welder qualification tests with good traceability and short lead times.

At the conclusion of the visit, it was agreed to continue to exchange experiences with personal contacts in the future.

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