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Meeting of the GSI International Branches 2014 in Duisburg

Participants from left: Klaus Middeldorf, Bo Yu, Jerzy Kozlovski, Hans Georg Groß, Pjotr Gladysz, Jürgen Wirth, Özgür Akcam, Roger van den Brekel, Pavl Flegl, Christian Ahrens.

On October 17th the annual meeting of the GSI International branches was organised in Duisburg in connection with the celebration „30 Years Cooperation between China (WTI Harbin) and Germany (GSI SLV Duisburg)“.

Just before the ceremony a study trip to the Duisburg Landmark „Tiger and Turtle“ and to the historical steel mill in Landschaftspark Nord was arranged.

At the meeting the following general managers of the GSI were present:  
Klaus Middeldorf, Managing Director of GSI; Bo Yu, Vice Managing Director of GSI SLV Kunshan; Jerzy Kozlovski, Engineer of SLV GSI Polska; Hans Georg Groß, Managing Director of GSI SLV Baltic States and of GSI SLV St. Petersburg; Pjotr Gladysz, Managing Director of SLV GSI Polska; Jürgen Wirth, Chief Financial Officer of GSI; Özgür Akcam, Managing Director of GSI SLV TR; Roger van den Brekel, Produkt Manager International of GSI; Pavl Flegl, Managing Director of SVV Praha; Christian Ahrens, Managing Director Foreign Business of GSI and Managing Director of GSI SLV Kunshan.

The result of the meeting shows clearly that the growth rate of the GSI International branches is excellent. This is a stable confirmation for the decision to set up such units abroad.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Christian Ahrens