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Successful international DVS GSI network in the Baltic states

A. Semenov (Russia), H.-G. Groß (Estonia), A. Basharin (Russia), D. Semenov (Russia), A. Tali (Estonia), T. Smirnov (Germany), I. Pinneker (Germany), S. Berzon (Estonia), S. Boaga (Estonia), N. Protsenko (Ukraine)

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of GSI SLV Baltikum and the DVS Regional Group in the Baltic States (each with their headquarters in Tallinn / Estonia), a high-ranking conference with an international cast took place in Tallinn at the start of June 2016.

In a lecture programme with the participation (amongst others) of the European Welding Federation (EWF) as well as of representatives from companies and associations from almost ten countries, there were extensive discussions about the application of current standards relating to quality assurance in welding and joining technologies. In this respect, attention focused on the metal construction and rail vehicle construction sectors.

Technical developments with regard to welding technology processes (in particular, taking account of the new energy-reduced arc welding processes) and to heat-resistant and highly heat-resistant materials in energy installation engineering were introduced and discussed in a second main focal point of the conference.

Developments in the international standards and technical developments (also in combination with the increasing automation of joining technology and production) always have effects on the training of the joining technology personnel. Logically, the conference dealt with the refinement of the practical and theoretical training and further education in intensive workshops as well.

Not only innovative methods of practical welder training but also the future tasks and responsibilities of welding coordinators were discussed for this purpose. In all countries, one challenge is to win over specialists for joining and welding technologies. This subject was addressed, amongst other places, in a workshop about the demographic development in a few countries. Against this background, particular significance is once more being attached to the vocational training of women (especially in occupations in welding technology and joining technology too) and their tasks as managerial staff in the companies. This was examined in detail against the, in part, very different experience-related backgrounds of female participants from China, Russia and the Baltic countries.

Accompanied by a trade exhibition about materials and devices from welding technology as well as the continuous presentation and utilisation of a welding technology simulation system for practical training, the international conference was able to pass on to all the participants information and experience for their vocational activities. Within the framework of the conference, the international team from GSI SLV Baltikum and the DVS Regional Group in the Baltic States received recognition for the performed work.

Further information: Hans-Georg Groß