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Successful participation of DVS and GSI in the SVARKA 2016 fair in St. Petersburg / Russia

DVS Präsident Flegel, DVS Hauptgeschäftsführer Boecking und GSI Geschäftsführer Middeldorf mit Herrn Alexandr Voropayev von der Universität St. Petersburg, dem Sieger des diesjährigen Vortragswettbewerbs auf der SVARKA

As already in 2014, GSI SLV Baltikum actively participated in the international SVARKA trade fair in St. Petersburg. On the joint booth with the German Welding Society (DVS), GSI’s products and services were introduced on every day of the fair. For this purpose, a completely revised and updated overview of GSI’s services was available in the Russian language. The attention of the visitors to the fair was attracted not only by the auditing and certification services but also, in particular, by Part 1 of the distance course for welding engineers in the Russian language with which it may be easier to win over course participants from Russian-speaking countries for GSI SLV Baltikum than with presence courses.

This year too, the participation of DVS and GSI in the fair was used for an intensive exchange of specialist opinions with the partner organisation, the National Association of NDT and Welding (NAKS) in Russia. Negotiations were held about the continuation of an extensive auditing and certification order from NAKS to GSI SLV Baltikum and to DVS ZERT GmbH.

In an international specialist conference with the title “Modern Issues of Welding Production Efficiency Improvements”, GSI presented a lecture about the qualification and certification of personnel in welding technology. For this purpose, genuine damage cases from the work of an SLV were introduced in an anonymised form and were discussed with regard to their causes. The individual welder training related to learning progress and the modern training of specialist and managerial personnel for welding and joining taking particular account of the non-destructive testing procedures are regarded as essential success factors for the companies in Russia as well.

These subjects of the training were also discussed intensively against the background of the development of the international sets of rules and standards in Russia, a development to which particular significance is being attached in connection with the advancing integration of Russia into the World Trade Organization (WTO). In addition to the participation in the international specialist conference, GSI was also involved in an international summer school on this subject. The trade public intensively assimilated the presentations and experiences of GSI SLV Baltikum with regard to the implementation of international standards for welding technology in Baltic countries and in Russia.

As at the previous SVARKA in 2014 too, representatives of DVS and GSI were invited, as jurors, to participate in a lecture competition for students and graduates of Russian universities in which topical final dissertations were introduced and, in part, discussed in a very committed way. DVS and GSI jointly invited the winner of this competition, a young graduate of St. Petersburg University, to take part in the international “Schweissen & Schneiden” trade fair in Düsseldorf in September 2017. DVS and GSI are thus performing their tasks relating to the promotion of the up-and-coming generation across borders as well.

Further information: Hans-Georg Groß