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SVARKA Welding 2014 - GSI SLV Baltic and GSI SLV St. Petersburg represented at the International Trade Fair SVARKA in St. Petersburg

At this year's SVARKA - International Specialized Exhibition for Cutting, Welding and related Technologies GSI offices Baltics and St. Petersburg were used for the entire range of services, were in good demand services such as training in welding technology and testing, welder testing and auditing of quality management systems of companies by various international regulations. Technical and economic development of welding technology and the GSI representatives participated in the International Conference "Welding Production Efficiency Improvements" with an introductory lecture on the trends and developments in welding technology in the international markets. This well-attended conference led to the beginning of Mass experts from Europe and Russia a collective reflection on the other joining technology in Russia together. 

For the representatives of the GSI this year the meeting with the management of the company TREST Holding was St. Petersburg, one of the largest customers for the GSI in Russia, of particular interest. Discussions focused on the need for this power plant builder, which specializes in turnkey power plants, to technology development and consulting and auditing. TREST and GSI anticipate a continued strong and fruitful collaboration. In the context of various discussions of senior welding engineer of TREST, Mr. Slava Jr. was born, awarded for his committed contribution including in the DVS and DVS in Section Baltics. 

The exhibition and the conference were from GSI representatives also to further meetings with the cooperation partner NAKS, the national agency for control and welding technology in Russia, used, which served to further intensify the cooperation between them in the field of vocational education and training. In this sense, is discussed as a pilot project, a training course for DVS welding foreman in Russia. Much attention was also in this year the GSI summer school, which in turn was carried out at the trade fair SVARKA in St. Petersburg. As part of the Summer School, which serves to exchange experience of welding supervisors from Russian companies, in essence, was also an award from three companies for their by the DVS ZERT GmbH successful certification according to ISO 3834. It was an intensive consultation of international standards (such as the ISO 9606 for the testing of welders for steel and ISO 15614 for the qualification of welding procedures), win the increasingly also for Russian companies in importance on the agenda. Status and development of innovative welding processes and methods of nondestructive testing completed the lecture. This GSI summer school also offered the best framework for a lecture competition of young scientists from universities in St. Petersburg. In this presentation, competition results were presented dissertations and discussed. Winner of this competition was Mr. Denis Prokoshev with a thesis on the theoretical and practical study of the diffusion welding and their applications in hydraulic engineering. The young scientist was invited by the GSI to visit the SLV Duisburg and Munich and report on his scientific work.

On the occasion of the fair was also a meeting with the Deputy Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg, Ms. Katrin Werdermann instead. Woman Werdermann stressed in this context the need for the continuation of economic and technical cooperation between companies from Russia and Germany.