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Third scientific conference entitled "YOUNG RESEARCHERS AND WELDERS"

Photograph (no. from left to right): Up-and-coming generation delivering lectures in 2014 with the expert jury Up-and-coming generation delivering lectures: (1) B. Eng. Anton Schmailzl IWE; (2) Dipl. Ing. Georgios Theodossiadis; (4) Dipl. Wirt. Ing. (FH) Andreas Weber; (6) B. Eng. Thomas Schmid; (8) Dipl. Ing. (FH) Florian Besler; (11) Dipl. Ing. Philipp Rettenmeier; Expert jury: (5) Prof. Dr. Ing. Heidi Cramer, Branch Director at SLV München; (7) Prof. Dr. Ing. Prof. h.c. Dieter Böhme, Chairman of the DVS state branch in Bavaria; (9) Prof. Dr. Ing. Bernhard Leuschen, supervisor of the future project relating to the promotion of students and young professionals in DVS e.V. and godfather of the conference entitled "Young Researchers and Welders"; (10) Dipl. Ing (FH) Marc Müller IWE, Head of the Training, Development and Research (AEF) Department at SLV München; Event organisation: (3) Ursula Büch, BÜCH Joining Technologies Consulting.

On November 19, 2014, Gesellschaft Schweißtechnik International mbH (GSI mbH), Niederlassung SLV München (the contact for research, development, training and further education, quality assurance and materials engineering), together with the state branches of DVS (German Welding Society) in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, invited people to the third scientific conference in this series of events. Six selected candidates from the Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg regions were given the chance to prove themselves and were impressive with very interesting lectures about their diverse research papers. Deeply acquainted with the subject matter and processed in a comprehensible form, the young professionals presented their contributions in a self-confident way on a high level. This also served to reveal the fun in their own work. The members of the jury (Prof. Dr. Ing. Heidi Cramer, Branch Director at SLV München, Dipl. Ing (FH) Marc Müller, Manager for Training, Development and Research (AEF) at SLV München, Prof. Dr. Ing. Bernhard Leuschen, godfather of the DVS project entitled "Students and Young Professionals in DVS", as well as Prof. Dr. Ing. Prof. h.c. Dieter Böhme, Chairman of the state branch in Bavaria) were confronted with the difficult task of stipulating the first three places from the successful contributions. After a lively but objective discussion, the jurors came to a jointly decided result.

GSI mbH and DVS e.V. actively promote the up-and-coming generation in Germany. Amongst other measures, the students and the young professionals are offered the possibility of presenting themselves at expert conferences.





First place

Dipl. Ing. Philipp Rettenmeier with the subject of the "Numerical calculation of the residual welding stresses of steel components taking account of structural transformations", Materials Testing Institute (MPA) at the University of Stuttgart, supervising professor: Prof. Dr. Ing. habil. Karl Maile

Second place

Dipl. Ing. Georgios Theodossiadis with the subject of the "Joining of metal and plastic using reactive nanofilms", Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb) at the Munich University of Technology, supervising professor: Prof. Dr. Ing. Michael F. Zäh

Third place

B. Eng. Anton Schmailzl IWE with the subject of "Online process monitoring during the quasi-simultaneous laser transmission welding of plastics", Regensburg University of Applied Sciences (OTH), supervising professor: Prof. Dr. Ing. Stefan Hierl

Other unplaced speakers

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Florian Besler with the subject of "Friction mash welding, a new welding process with diverse uses", University of Kempten, supervising professor: Prof. Dr. Ing. Paul Schindele

B. Eng. Thomas Schmid with the subject of the "Influence of parameter variations on the process constancy during pulsed MAG welding", LF University of Regensburg, supervising professor: Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Wolfram Wörner

Dipl. Wirt. Ing. (FH) Andreas Weber with the subject of the "Determination of suitable working conditions and the joint properties in the case of magnetic pulse crimping with adhesives and brazing materials", GSI mbH SLV München / Würzburg/Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences, supervising professors: Prof. Dr. Ing. Heidi Cramer / Prof. Dr. Ing. Cord-Christoph Vogt

At this juncture, thanks should go to the sponsors who supported the organisers in an energetic way as well as with generous prizes for the prize winners and an accompanying exhibition: Erl Automation GmbH, EWM AG, CARL CLOOS SCHWEISSTECHNIK GMBH, REHM GmbH u. Co. KG Schweißtechnik and Kemppi GmbH for the main prizes for first to third places, Fronius Deutschland GmbH for the unplaced lectures as well as Linde AG for the main prize in the tombola and optrel AG, DVS Media GmbH, HBS Bolzenschweiss-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG and Lorch Schweisstechnik GmbH for other prizes in the tombola in which all the student visitors and young professionals were able to take part.

In summary, it may be said that the event was a total success and it was possible to see what performance potential is possessed by future specialists in Germany. This shows that investing in the future by promoting the up-and-coming generation constitutes an important building block for safeguarding the future of Germany as an economic location.

Thus, this event lines up with several activities which serve to promote the up-and-coming generation and are supported by the German Welding Society under the patronage of Prof. Leuschen and the title of "Students and Young Professionals in DVS". The next event will be the Student Congress accompanying the Annual Welding Conference in Nuremberg in September 2015. Here as well, students will once again have the possibility of presenting themselves with their papers.

More detailed information about the Student Congress and/or the "Annual Welding Conference" can be found on the website of DVS e.V. at Student candidates for lectures should please send their subjects directly to:


Simone Mahlstedt

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Ursula Büch, BÜCH Consulting

Marc Müller, SLV München