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Working visit from WTI - Welding Training Institute Harbin / China to SLV Duisburg

from left to right: Christian Rothbauer, SLV Duisburg, Prof. Xie Yinglong, WTI Harbin, Dr. Klaus Middeldorf, GSI mbH, Jörg Mährlein, SLV Duisburg, Thomas Richter, SLV Duisburg

In the period from January 27 to 30, 2015, Professor Xie Yinglong, the Director of WTI, visited SLV Duisburg for consultations with the executive board of GSI and the management of the branch about the status of the cooperation as well as about ongoing and future projects.

The main focal point was concerned with the assessment of the situation in relation to the auditing and certification of Chinese companies in the fields of metal construction and rail vehicle construction. At present, around 400 companies are being looked after by GSI and WTI in China - in this respect, the companies profit from the bundled competence of both organisations. A distinct increase in the number of companies to be audited and certified is expected especially in the field of the auditing and certification of companies in rail vehicle construction in China. During the working visit, agreements were reached about how the corresponding processes and the cooperation can be optimised even further in this case.

A second main focal point of the discussions related to the continuation of the joint staging of welder qualification tests according to ISO 9606, Part 1. Every year, a few thousand welder qualification tests are jointly staged here. WTI and GSI held intensive consultations about the other developments in this field. Furthermore, the exchange of experience was intensified with regard to applications of e learning in the welding technology training and to training concepts in the automation of welding technology processes. The exchange of specialist ideas between WTI and GSI will be continued on the occasion of the international Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting trade fair which will take place in Shanghai in June 2015.

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