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The lecture delivered by Dr. Christian Klesen from GSI Niederlassung SLV Duisburg dealt with the subject of "Challenges during the clarification of cases of technical damage". On the one hand, the diverse technical influencing factors which must be taken into consideration and assessed in a case of technical damage were examined in the overview lecture. On the other hand, attention was drawn to the economic and legal significance of damage which must be clarified between the parties involved.

The lecture highlighted the methodical approach during the damage analysis with the application of the…

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Active participants in committee meetings during the conference of the International Institute of Welding 2014 in Seoul / Korea

At this year's IIW meeting in July 2014, representatives from the welding technical training and research institutions Munich, Hanover and Hall, representatives of GSI SLV Baltics, the SVV Praha and the GSI mbH were represented. The participation was carried out on several committees within the IIW in the area of ​​education and training, as well as in the technical and scientific work of the IIW.

GSI participants were Heidi Cramer and Mark Müller, GSI SLV Munich,…

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Report of a meeting on 8 / 9th August 2014 in Harbin

GSI Participants: Mr. Klaus Middeldorf, Managing Director GSI, Christian Ahrens, Vice President and abroad coordinator GSI, Markus Holthaus, Head of Materials and Processes SLV Duisburg and Christian Rothbauer, Head of Quality Assurance SLV Duisburg. As a guest of the GSI, Mr. Detlef Ulbrich by the German Institute for Building Technology was also at the event. Main interlocutors of WTI were: Men Yinglong Xie, director WTI, Wang Lin, Head of Education and Training WTI and Chen Yu, Head of Quality Assurance WTI - and other employees of the…

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