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DVS Congress 2014 in Berlin

The lecture delivered by Dr. Christian Klesen from GSI Niederlassung SLV Duisburg dealt with the subject of "Challenges during the clarification of cases of technical damage". On the one hand, the diverse technical influencing factors which must be taken into consideration and assessed in a case of technical damage were examined in the overview lecture. On the other hand, attention was drawn to the economic and legal significance of damage which must be clarified between the parties involved.

The lecture highlighted the methodical approach during the damage analysis with the application of the VDI 3822 guideline on the basis of a case of real damage which was processed at GSI Niederlassung SLV Duisburg. It was portrayed how a damage hypothesis is formulated on the basis of a proper damage description and assessment of the condition. Thereafter, the investigation methods were introduced as well as their results which have confirmed the damage hypothesis. At the end of the overview lecture, Dr. Klesen explained how the cause of the damage was elaborated on the basis of the collected data and the investigation results.

During the subsequent discussion in the auditorium, it was asked whether even a layman can carry out a damage analysis on the basis of the VDI 3822 guideline. In this connection, Dr. Klesen pointed out that not only wideranging specialist knowledge but also extensive specialist experience must be available in order to be able to draw the conclusions relevant to the case of damage from the diverse influencing factors.

For this reason, we have assisted our customers as a strong partner during damage analyses for many years already with our knowledgeable and experienced employees from the various GSI branches.

Contact: Dr. Christian Klesen