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Overview of the R&D projects

Information about ongoing R&D projects as well as concluded projects opens up the access to available know-how and is a good basis for organising bilateral cooperation within the framework of contractual R&D work

Publicly promoted R&D projects, conclusion in 2015

Branch Project manager Project designation Period
München T. Bschorr Combined corrosion and fatigue strength of joined materials for body-in-white and structural automotive applications design 09/11 - 02/15
München A. Petropoulos Economically viable designing and checking of friction-welded joints by utilising efficient simulation tools 02/12 - 01/15

Publicly promoted R&D projects, conclusion in 2014

Branch Project manager Project designation Period
München A. Jenicek Refinement of drawn-arc stud welding with shielding gas for joining elements with diameters > 10 mm 7/11 - 09/14
München A. Jenicek Investigation into decreasing the angular position during drawn-arc stud welding 05/12 - 04/14
Rostock U. Jasnau Laser-beam-welded T‑joints (development of the fundamentals and optimisation of the manufacture and dimensioning of laser-beam-welded T‑joints - development of connections between laser-welded semi-finished products for application in shipbuilding and steel bridge construction; ZUTECH project) 04/11 - 03/14

Publicly promoted R&D projects, conclusion in 2013

Branch Project manager Project designation Period
Halle R. Steinhausen Ultrasonic matrix probe (ULMA) 11/11-10/13
Halle T. Broda Compacting and welding of wire strands 01/12-12/13
Halle J. Neubert Metallurgy, strength behaviour and economic viability during the manufacture of surface-welded coats with pulsed Nd:YAG lasers and wire-shaped welding fillers 06/11 - 03/13
Halle R. Steinhausen Compacting of plastic-coated ceramic fibres 02/12 - 10/13
München Dudziak Utilisation possibilities of intelligent sensor systems in the case of single-pass and multipass welds for economically viable fabrication in SMEs 06/09 - 05/13
München S. Binder Investigation of new spray and pulsed arc modifications 07/11-06/13
Rostock R. Peters New processes and products due to the utilisation of ultrashort laser pulses (UA at HRO University) 09/11 - 08/13

Publicly promoted R&D projects, conclusion in 2012

Branch Project manager Project designation Period
Berlin-Brandenburg R. Boywitt NEMO FSW-ship 12/10 - 11/12
Duisburg S. Schreiber Possibilities of influencing the nugget penetration depth and the nugget position during the resistance spot welding of asymmetrical multisheet combinations with normal-strength and higher-strength steel sheets 01/10 - 06/12
Duisburg S. Schreiber Improvement in the process reliability of the combined spot welding and adhesive bonding of aluminium materials and determination of joint parameters for design and simulation 01/2010 - 06/2012
Halle J. Neubert HYBRILAS 09/09-08/12
Halle J. Herrmann Lattices which consist of round hollow sections with thick-walled chords and are appropriate for the fatigue 06/09-08/12
Halle J. Herrmann Economically viable technologies for the welding of sections and pipe segments made of high-strength steels by establishing the heat input 01/11-12/12
München L. Appel Investigations on magnetic pulse crimping of tubular overlap joints with and without filler material 07/10-06/12
München M. Serve Development of the serial coupling of the plasma and GMA processes for welding in installation engineering 01/09-12/12
Rostock U. Jasnau BESST - Breakthrough in European ship and shipbuilding technology 09/09-08/12
Rostock A. Sumpf Development of scientifically validated welding technologies for multipass submerged arc welding on high-strength and ultrahigh-strength steels - submerged arc / high-strength 03/10-02/12
Rostock R. Peters Process development for the manufacture of vascular stents with ultrashort-pulse lasers in the picosecond range 09/10-12/12
Rostock R. Hansen Development of scientifically validated technologies for hybrid laser/GMA surface welding utilising a weaving laser beam and a weaving arc - LasHAs 01/11-12/12
Rostock R. Hansen Mikrolas innovation forum 10/11-03/12
Branch Project manager Project designation Period
Berlin-Brandenburg R. Boywitt NEMO FSW steel: friction stir welding installations for the joining of large-area steel structures; subproject at SLV BB: determination of the process parameters and optimisation of the tool design 12/09 - 03/11
Halle J. Herrmann Alloying systems for flux-cored wires for the GMA welding of wrought and die-cast aluminium alloys 04/09 - 03/11
Halle T. Broda Manufacture of mixed joints using two-dimensional ultrasonic semi-finished product applications 10/09 - 09/11
Halle B. Kranz Fatigue strength of hybrid laser-beam/GMA-welded joints with greater thicknesses 01/10 - 12/11
Halle J. Neubert In-situ monitoring and testing strategies for laser-based pipe welding 03/10 - 12/11
Halle U. Wolski Mechanised welding of complicated contours on large-volume components 03/10-11/11
Halle T. Kräker Ultrasonic weld testing 04/10 - 10/11
Hamburg S. Noack Designing and implementation of an ultrasonic welding machine which is used for the joining of thermoplastics, is oriented to the process development and applies pressure using a servo motor as well as improvement in the process planning and quality assurance methods; methodology of the welding process planning and practical test execution 05/10 - 10/11
München L. Appel Development of joining technologies for lightweight construction applications with forgeable gamma titanium aluminides with improved ductilities 06/08 - 02/11
München A. Jenicek Assessment and optimisation of the load-bearing capacity of threaded-stud-welded joints subjected to fatigue stresses 04/09 - 03/11
München T. Bschorr Development of a suitable electrode machining process for the resistance spot welding of aluminium 06/09 - 05/11
München L. Appel Magnetic pulse welding 08/08 - 12/11
Rostock R. Hansen Manual repair welding with pulsed laser systems on special materials using adjusted pulse shapes - Resomalas II 09/09 - 08/11
Rostock A. Sumpf CO2 laser / GMA welding for the manufacture of thick-walled special sections made of structural steel - multipass hybrid 11/09 - 10/11
ifw Jena H. Müller Development and testing of dynamic and highly sensitive fibre lattice sensor systems 01/09 - 02/11
ifw Jena U. Basler Gradient process development for the diffusion welding of materials with different profiles of properties 04/09 - 03/11
ifw Jena U. Basler Using adhesive bonding technology for the joining of carbide cutting edges with cutting edge attachment holders for high-performance tools 04/09 - 03/11
ifw Jena T. Ebersbach Using materials engineering and joining technology for the analysis and optimisation of a reformer for fuel cell applications 06/09 - 07/11
Branch Project manager Project designation Period
SLV Duisburg Dipl.-Ing. F. Ippendorf Development and qualification of an orbital laser welding system for the welding of tube-to-tubeplate joints 2007 - 2010
SLV Duisburg Dipl.-Ing. St. Schreiber FUTURA IP multi-functional materials and related production technologies integrated into the automotive industry of the future, 2010, 6th Framework Programme on Research, Technological, Development and Demonstration 2007 - 2010
SLV Halle GmbH Dr.-Ing. habil. J. Schuster Welding of wrought and cast materials on an iron basis with different heat inputs and energy sources 08/08 - 06/10
SLV München Dipl.-Ing. Lechner Optimised consideration of upstream forming processes in welding simulation using the example of deep-drawn components 08/08 - 07/10
SLV München Dipl.-Ing. A. Jenicek Investigation into avoiding hydrogen embrittlement during arc stud welding on steel materials 03/08 - 02/10
SLV München Dipl.-Ing. (FH) T. Bschorr Optimisation of the geometry of embossed projections for resistance projection welding on higher-strength to ultrahigh-strength steel materials 03/08 - 02/10
SLV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Dipl.-Ing. A. Sumpf Laser-based joining of so-called "black-and-white joints" between larger plate thicknesses with the high-power fibre laser 05/08 - 09/10