GSI – Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik international mbH
SLV – Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalten
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For the field of services, we can offer our customers the entire scope of near-industrial service which results from the possibilities relating to appliance technology and the potential of the employees from the individual companies - and this at the SLV in your vicinity.

In this respect, our strengths are all questions relating to application technology: from materials, processes, testing technology, product integrity as well as calcuation and simulation. Tests, analyses and calculations relate to components from all sectors. In many cases, the static dimensioning can be checked using a cost-favourable method with the aid of numerical calculations and simulations within the framework of proving the suitability for use even of complex welding technology structures. In addition, these numerically established stresses can be verified experimentally in our laboratories. Moreover, it is possible to calculate and design components subjected to dynamic loads. Make use of the knowledge of our experienced specialists, especially also when selecting materials and processes - and this, if at all possible, from the beginning in order to find the optimum solution from technical and economic viewpoints. This includes not only standard processes in welding technology but also, for example, applications of special welding processes.

The experience which our employees have gathered in many years of practice comes to bear in a particular way during the elaboration of expert reports and during advice - to the advantage of our customers.

Construction monitoring as well as management systems and manufacturer qualifications constitute other main focal points in our range on offer (depending on the area of application, in cooperation with DVS ZERT GmbH). Our employees' interdisciplinary knowledge in design, welding technology, testing technology or corrosion protection should be highlighted here.

With the aid of the welding technology software developed and utilised at GSI, it is possible to optimise a lot of technical and commercial sequences in welding technology plants and thus to organise them in a more cost-favourable way.