GSI – Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik international mbH
SLV – Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalten
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Origin and target

The GSI-Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH was founded in 1999 by the DVS - Germaner Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V. (German Association of Welding and Allied Processes) first by merging of four SLVs, Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalten (Welding Institutes). 

The GSI is a non-profit liability company acting neutrally on behalf of individuals, craft firms, industrial companies, authorities and research institutes. It is a merger of efficient welding institutes with an experience of over 80 years in joining, cutting and testing. The target of the GSI is the common education and consulting as well as technology transfer in Germany and abroad.

The GSI is active on the fields of education, consulting, giving expertise, research, development and trial testing. Furthermore, it aims at an intensive technology transfer between Germany and abroad thus assuring a high extent of competence on the field of welding, cutting and testing.  

Through the long-standing experience in welding, cutting and testing the GSI is the competent provider on the field of theoretical and practical education and training.  

All training courses are offered considering the German technical rules, standards as well as guidelines of the DVS, the EWF (European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting) as well as the IIW (International Institute for Welding).  

On the field of consulting the GSI by its proximity is a strong partner in the practice oriented transfer of knowledge for the economy and research to the same extent. The successful work on the field of research of the GSI is shown by the execution of various research projects financed by the public and manifold activities for the economy in Germany and abroad.