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Measuring technology

Our services for you (excerpt):


  • Recording of transition resistances on coated and uncoated metallic materials with reference to the DVS 2929 technical bulletin.
  • Determination of material stresses using strain gauges or piezoelectric sensors - also in the case of dynamic signal courses, e.g. biaxial stress conditions with unknown main directions.
  • Measurement of acoustic signals such as the noise emission at the workplace according to DIN 45641 and DIN 45645 as well as noise emission measurement according to DIN 45635, Part 1.
  • Analysis of energy supply networks during the operation of resistance welding machines. If the connected load of the welding machines and the designing of the network are not coordinated, this may lead to a deterioration in the quality of the product to be fabricated and to problems with the local energy supply companies. 

Calibration of

  • Power sources for arc welding according to the DVS 3009 technical bulletin
  • High-current measuring devices Ieff up to 130 kA with sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal alternating currents and direct currents up to 50 kA (e.g. pulsed-current measuring devices for resistance welding) 

Type tests on 

  • Integrated transformers for resistance welding machines according to DIN ISO 5826
  • Split-core transformers for resistance welding machines according to ISO 10656
  • Medium-frequency transformers for resistance welding machines with reference to ISO 10656
  • Welding power sources for arc welding according to EN 60974 (DIN VDE 0544)
  • Mains voltage analysis

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