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LasHAs - Quick surface welding with the hybrid laser/GMA process

A corrosion-resistant nickel-based alloy is frequently applied to a base material wherever the base material is exposed to extremely high temperature loads. One application case for this relates to finned walls in waste incineration plants.

The research project relating to hybrid laser surface welding (abbreviated as LasHAs) of SLV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern combines the arc of the GMA welding process with a high-power laser in one process zone on the component surface. In order to obtain the lowest possible degree of dilution, investigations are being conducted into different process combinations, consisting of different weaving movements of the laser beam and various weaving movements of the GMA torch.

With a corresponding combination of a weaving laser and a stationary GMA torch, it is thus possible to manufacture carpets at an application speed of up to 2 m/min with a degree of dilution of < 5 %. The coat height applied in this respect is no more than 2 mm.