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Festive event on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the opening of IGZ Fügetechnik at SLV Halle GmbH on November 19, 2014

Kai Becker offered spectacular fire juggling

In November 2014, IGZ Fügetechnik (Innovation and Founder Centre for Joining Technology ) at SLV Halle GmbH celebrated the tenth anniversary of its opening. This was a particular opportunity to reflect on the past ten years within the framework of a festive event at SLV Halle GmbH on November 19, 2014. Over 50 guests followed the invitation and experienced an exciting and varied event.


Prof. Dr.‑Ing Steffen Keitel, Managing Director of SLV Halle GmbH, and Mr. Rolf Wirth, Director of IGZ Fügetechnik, greeted the guests. The words of welcome for the event were delivered by Mr. Peter Boye, Vice-President of DVS e.V. (German Welding Society), Mr. Marco Tullner, State Secretary in the Ministry of Science and Economic Affairs in Saxony-Anhalt, and Dr. Bernd Wiegand, Lord Mayor of the City of Halle. The welcoming speakers congratulated the people responsible and the companies at IGZ for the successful course of the past ten years in which IGZ has succeeded in supporting young companies in their founding phase and offering a safe home on the path to independence.


"Courage to Entrepreneurship - EntrepreneurCourage" was the title of the keynote lecture presented to the guests by Dr. Thomas A. Seidel, Vice-Chairman of the Board and Executive Member of the Board of the International Martin Luther Foundation in Erfurt. In his interesting statements, Dr. Seidel bridged the gap from the courageous seizing of the initiative via the taking of risks and the fair and trusting cooperation right up to the responsible generation of profits. Furthermore, Dr. Seidel stated that defeats also belong to entrepreneurship and should not be understood exclusively as the failure of a person or an enterprise but instead even as a chance for a new beginning.

The keynote lecture provided the event with an outstanding opening and a thematic setting in complete harmony with IGZ's matter of concern to stand by courageous entrepreneurs during their start into entrepreneurship.


A lot of companies which began their paths to independence and their appearances on the economic market here have already shown courage to entrepreneurship at IGZ Fügetechnik. As representatives of all the others, two firms reported on their beginnings at IGZ right up to the present day. Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Pientschke explained to the guests how Forschungszentrum Ultraschall gGmbH was heard with ultrasound and how initial ideas led to the growth of a company which started to access the market as a research facility in its specialist field relating to all aspects of ultrasound. boraident GmbH which develops and sells products for the laser marking of glass, the identification of machine-readable codes, glass sensor equipment and its software-based incorporation into the fabrication chain has a somewhat longer company history. Dr. Thomas Rainer, Managing Director of the company, highlighted the history of the company at IGZ Fügetechnik.


In addition to both the firms named above, two other companies which already began their paths to independence many years ago long before IGZ commenced its work presented themselves at the company exhibition accompanying the event. With their employees, Dr. Müglitz, Managing Director of ZIS Industrietechnik GmbH, and Dipl.‑Ing. Kiese, Managing Director of HKS Prozesstechnik GmbH, introduced the products and services of their companies.


The supporting programme was hot: "Industrial Fire - Burning Oil Drums and Flying Sparks" was not only the name but also the programme of the artistic demonstrations of modern juggling. In the middle of flying sparks and between burning oil drums and dazzling spotlights, Kai Becker offered spectacular fire juggling, accompanied by driving rhythms of modern techno sounds.


There were ample opportunities for the exchange of experience and for convivial "networking" during the breaks and at the Flying Buffet in the evening. The guests lingered in a relaxed atmosphere with delicious food and drinks and with equally serious and amusing discussion circles. The event thus came to a pleasant conclusion for all the participants.



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