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Founding of a Baltic-German technical centre for underwater welding planned

signing of contract: Dr. Middeldorf , General Manager GSI and Dr. Burovenko, General Manager GT, Corporation, Tallinn, ESTONIA

Representatives of companies from several Baltic countries congregated at the GT Corporation in Tallinn on December 15, 2014 in order to discuss the status of the training and qualification testing of underwater welders. At the GT Corporation which has more than 30 permanently employed divers, the constructional preparations for setting up an installation for underwater welding (diving tank with modern infrastructure) are well-advanced.

GSI mbH and GT Corporation SE signed an agreement which describes the setting-up, development and operation of a technical centre for underwater welding. The training and qualification testing of underwater welders are to be carried out according to guidelines of EWF - European Welding Federation in compliance with European and international standards. This memorandum of understanding is now being extended by concrete arrangements between GSI Niederlassung SLV Hannover and the GT Corporation with the incorporation of GSI SLV Baltikum.

The cooperation of GSI with the GT Corporation is interesting also against the background of the planned founding of a Baltic company for underwater technology in which not only GT Corporation SE from Tallinn / Estonia but also (amongst others) the Garant Diving Group from Klaipeda / Lithuania and the Eprons Group from Riga / Latvia will participate.
The first joint training and qualification testing measures for underwater welders are planned in Tallinn as from February 2015.

Further information: hans-g.gross(at)