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International Welding Competition in China: ARC-Cup

pictured from left: Constanze Gebhardt, Martin Pröhl, Phillipp Plagge, Robert Schubert, Oliver Görlich, Hans-Peter Lutz

DVS team won Gold Cup for Germany!

Two second place winners and a third place winner, which was the outstanding balance for the German team at the international "ARC Cup" in Beijing. Germany was also able to achieve victory in the team competition and thus take the golden trophy home.


The test carried out from 04-08 of June, 2014 in Beijing, "ARC Cup" has a long tradition. We started this welding competition in 2008 as a competition between countries welders from Lower Saxony and the Greater Beijing area. The idea was born during the two years previously conducted business delegation of the National Association Metal Lower Saxony / Bremen to China. After 2010 and 2012, this high-profile competition was now already the third time to be held in the form of an international competition. The DVS sent a 15-member delegation to China for Germany. On the journey next to the six young welders were (the 4 winners of the federal competition "Youth Welding 2013" in Essen) Supervisor, Welding teachers and members of the Federal Working Group on "Youth Welds". As the official representative of the DVS were part of the team as a team leader Yvonne Reichsthaler (welding teacher at BTZ HWK South Thuringia), Heinz M. Klein (GSI-DVS) and Dietmar Berndt (LV metal Nds. / B.) as head of delegation. Other participating countries were Austria, Great Britain, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Mongolia, the Czech Republic and of course the host country China. Austria joined the company as winner of the Weld Cup 2013 in Essen in all four welding process with the complete winning team. A great opportunity for Germany to make up ground!

After the first team meetings as well as the registration of teams and participants took place on 06.04.2014 the grand opening ceremony that began after the Olympics fashion with the invasion and the idea of individual nations, and finally with the acceptance of the oath (voiced by Dietmar Berndt, Chief Referee, synonymous with main umpire) ended for open and fair competition.

The competition in numbers:

250 Chinese and 42 foreign welders from 13 participating countries, 6 Welding Processes, 45 welding booths, 6 robotic welding stations and 779 to be evaluated test pieces

After four exciting days of competition for the participants was finished, but not yet long the job for the jury. While participants and their coaches on the colorful final evening with a lot of international cultural program (the Polonaise of the German team was well received!) Were already celebrating omitted, the jury still had to take a night shift. After a meticulous review of the countless test pieces were on the last day finally determine the winner. The ceremony began with the Announce the individual winner in the welding process.

For the German team a great success:

  • Constanze Gebhardt (winner of the BW 2013): 2nd place, process 111
  • Hans-Peter Lutz (3rd place in the BW 2013): 2nd place, process 135
  • Robert Schumann (winner in BW 2013): Place 3, process 311
  • Hans-Peter Lutz: Special Price Young welder under 22, 2nd place overall

In addition to the coveted medals, the winners of the first 3 places per procedure received 10,000. 5,000 and 3,000 RMB additional cash awards. The joy was great! The greatest success, however, was recorded in the team standings, this was the German team score with the above-average results of all 6 participants. Gold for Germany! - It was said at the end. The whole team were with tears of joy in their eyes. Comment Austria: "A well-deserved victory, you will have the revenge to good use - Congratulations!"

A big personal thank you from the German delegation leader for the great commitment in the preparation and implementation of this quite exceptional the competition went to the Chinese Organizing Committee and especially to the patron of the event, Dr. Liu Zhenying (President of Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology Co. and General Secretary of the Association for International welding cooperation in China).

Without sponsors and on-site support is not working an event of this type and magnitude. So the German team in Beijing was supported throughout outstanding manner of Dr. Ing Hong Zhang (EWM), who arrived at the same time from Shanghai and already when we arrived at the airport for the German team was as interpreters and advisors are available, and until the late evening hours. Many thanks to Dr. Zhang personally and EWM Germany for the mediation.