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Military technology

Military technology and aerospace technology

Military technology is understood to be the technical setting-up of military armaments. In military technology, the two main categories are heavy and light equipment. Heavy equipment includes, amongst other items, tanks, warships and aircraft and light equipment rifles and guns.

Joining technology plays an important role particularly in the case of heavy equipment. Manufacturing and repair plants for military technology products need proof of the quality requirement according to DIN 2303. This standard applies to welding, brazing and thermal spraying in the military technology field. Any fabrication plants which want to carry out the above work for the military technology field need certificates for manufacturer qualification depending on the fabrication field.

The Military Sciences Institute of Materials and Operating Supplies (WIWeB) has designated GSI as a recognised body for the issuing of manufacturer qualifications (military technology products with various requirements as well as with aviation suitability).

GSI has particular competence in friction stir welding which is frequently utilised in aviation technology. Furthermore, GSI offers competent advice with regard to terms of reference relating to joining technology in the field of military technology as well as to the development of innovative joining processes for demanding special tasks in the research facilities.

GSI provides you with support and advice with regard to all questions for everything to do with the subjects of materials, joining processes, testing procedures, corrosion protection as well as personnel qualification and training.

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