Welded and/or corrosion-protected products are very often manufactured taking account of the aspects of the competitiveness and the market conditions which change very quickly today. We can also contribute to ensuring that your company becomes quicker, better and more efficient. Due to our advice services with which Six Sigma tools and lean management approaches can also be applied, we are offering you the platform to improve your customer relations, processes and quality in a sustainable way.

No advice is the same.
Instead, each piece of advice is oriented to the initial situation which is different according to the company, the product, the processes etc. and thus always leads to an individual solution. Typical initial situations in which we support you are, for example:

Production disturbances

In this case, it is the primary objective of our employees to find the cause in the short term and, in this way, to minimise any further interruptions and the losses associated with them. Building upon the findings about what has caused the production disturbance, we then advise you about what possibilities will exist in the future in order to avoid such a disturbance. 

Improvement in the quality / value added

Here, our employees already assist you with advice during the planning as well as before the beginning of and during the production. In principle, the application of Six Sigma can be used in order to offer the possibilities of optimising identified processes in the production sequence, reducing defect rates and thus raising the quality and the value added all in all. 

Further constituents of these advice sessions are, for example, the checking of designs in relation to the feasibility in a way appropriate for welding, testing and corrosion protection or whether the production processes are adjusted to the demanded performance characteristics. We advise the companies also with regard to, for example, optimised production technology, material selection, the introduction of modern (quality) management systems or the solution of production problems too. 

We are thus offering a wide spectrum of advice services which are composed, amongst other features, of the combination of practical experience, knowledge of the recognised rules of technology, the methods from the Six Sigma management system etc.


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