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Materials investigations

What life expectancy do components fulfil? Trust is good but calculation/simulation and checking are better.

The prerequisites for product integrity, i.e. for assuring the functions of the components in the long run, are a design appropriate for fabrication as well as fabrication technology optimised for welding technology. In this respect, designing appropriate for fabrication encompasses designing appropriate for welding, designing appropriate for fatigue, designing appropriate for testing and designing appropriate for corrosion protection.

The services for this purpose encompass:

  • Weld design
  • Strength of welded components
  • Fatigue strength investigations
  • Residual stress measurements
  • Simulation of residual stress and distortion
  • Weld quality / weld parameters

The entire repertoire of testing technology is available in order to check the product integrity: 

  • Destructive tests
  • Non-destructive tests
  • Chemical analyses
  • Surface analytics
  • Metallography
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Corrosion tests
  • Fatigue strength tests
  • Hydrogen determination
  • Corrosion test

We offer the following services for fabrication by means of welding technology:

  • Work specimens
  • Distortion checking
  • Recording of welding parameters
  • Heat treatment

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