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Product certification

Construction products: Certification/testing/monitoring

Until today, there have been no harmonised European standards for many construction products, not for structural steel engineering or metal construction either. In this case, products are certified, monitored and/or tested on the basis of the building regulations of the federal states (Federal State Building Regulations) of the Federal Republic of Germany.

For the respective activities as testing, monitoring and certification bodies according to the Federal State Building Regulations, every SLV was appointed by the senior construction supervision authority responsible for them. 

At present, whether the SLV has to be involved as a testing body, a monitoring body or a certification body still depends on the proof of conformity (in the future, confirmation of conformity) prescribed in the list of building rules or in the proof of usability concerned (general construction supervision authorisation, general construction supervision test certificate or approval in each individual case).

In the future, these stipulations will then result from the Sample Administration Regulation for Technical Construction Provisions (MVV TB) which will summarise the list of building rules and the sample list of the technical construction provisions. It will probably be possible to implement MVV TB in the federal states only from January 24, 2017. 

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