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Innovative software solutions

Are you looking for innovative software solutions which are to be utilised in welding technology and may serve to optimise your working sequences and perform any occurring administration work more efficiently?

Supporting you in this respect is one of our noblest tasks.

For many fields, we can offer you finished solutions which are tried and tested in practice due to their utilisation in fabrication plants or training institutes dealing with welding technology and can be configured for your specific needs due to their modular structures.

As the in-house service provider of GSI - Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH and its SLV Duisburg branch, we have the required experience and the expert knowledge relating to both welding technology and IT in order to develop new, plant-specific software solutions for and with you. 

Whether these are welding technology information systems for fabrication or research, administration systems for welder qualification tests, qualification test reports or training institutes or, however, multimedia interactive learning programs - in all cases, we offer you programs or solutions which have been or are being developed according to the high quality standards of our company.

DIVA and its modules

In German, DIVA stands for Database System for Information, Administration and Evaluations. DIVA is a program system with which training facilities dealing with welding technology and firms from the field of welding technology can perform nearly all the tasks relating to administrative technology.

Due to the modular structure of DIVA, every company can put together a program package optimised for its respective needs, no matter whether a training facility which deals with welding technology and has specific requirements on the administration of the courses and the participants or a fabrication plant which deals with welding technology and would like to manage the welder qualification tests of its personnel or to provide welding procedure specifications for fabrication.

Because each module can also be utilised individually or in any combination, three program combinations have indeed turned out to be, so to speak, standard packages in practice. 


As a complete system for training facilities and future-oriented industrial companies.


This program combination is a package which is utilised in training facilities dealing with welding technology in order to carry out course activities. 


This version includes the program modules for the administration of welder qualification tests and welding procedure specifications. It can be utilised as DVS and industrial versions. In this respect, the link to DVS‑PersZert is not included in the industrial version.

Import and export functions as well as interfaces for financial accounting data or proof of suitability also permit collaboration with other software programs. 

DEMO version of DIVA 

Of course, you can receive DIVA as a DEMO version too. In this respect, the DEMO version offers the full scope of functions of the full version and merely the numbers of people and company data to be managed are restricted. For the delivery of the DEMO version, we will invoice you with costs amounting to € 55.00 plus VAT which will be offset when a full version is purchased.

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