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GSI preparation course for the AWS CWI examination

According to AWS QC1, is the purpose of welding inspection, to determine if a weldment meets the acceptance criteria of a specific code, standard, or other document. The Welding Inspector must be thoroughly familiar with welding processes, welding procedures, welding qualifications, materials, the limitation of weld testing, be able to reed drawings, prepare and keep records, prepare and make reports and make responsible judgements.

For Welding Inspectors to be effective, the activities performed should be consistent with the requirements, technical and ethical principles.

The GSI mbH, branch SLV Munich offers in cooperation with Hobart Institute and the American Welding Society a two week preparation course for the purpose to enable participants to be prepared to take the examination. The used Code Book is AWS D1.1 (2010). The examination, operated by AWS consist on three parts. Applicants seeking CWI certification shall successfully meet the required 72% score of the examanitionparts.

Further information concerning the AWS CWI-Course you will see at: SLV-Muenchen