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Pipeline construction

Pipeline construction encompasses all types of pipelines which are utilised for transporting media of the most diverse types, e.g. liquids, gases and district heating.

All over the world, approx. 155 million tonnes of steel pipes made of various materials are produced per year. In this respect, German steel construction producers account for approx. 2.7 million tonnes.

Steel pipes are utilised as precision steel pipes and seamless, hot-fabricated and welded steel pipes in the following sectors: oil and gas, chemistry and petrochemistry, automotive, mechanical engineering and power station construction.

Different materials such as traditional creep-resistant steels  (13 CrMo4-5), martensitic chrome steels (P 92), heat-resistant ferritic and austenitic steels, austenitic steels and nickel-based alloys (Alloy 625) are utilised depending on the sector.

Today, welded steel pipes are essentially HFI-welded line pipes for gas, oil, water and district heating, in part also with coatings and linings, and large-diameter submerged-arc-welded longitudinal and spiral pipes for transporting natural gas, crude oil, water and other media, in part also with coatings and linings.

Pipelines with a permissible internal operating pressure of > 0.5 bar are a pressure device according to Pressure Device Directive 97/23/EC and may only be introduced on to the market in compliance with this directive. This is checked by a notified body. As a notified body, GSI mbH renders the services for you.

During the implementation of company strategies, particular significance is attached to the correspondingly qualified and trained specialist personnel, from the welding engineer right up to the welding supervisor for automated installations for submerged arc welding, the corrosion protection inspector as well as correspondingly qualified testing supervisors and the training of the welders.

GSI provides you with support and advice with regard to all questions for everything to do with the subjects of materials, joining processes, testing procedures, corrosion protection as well as personnel qualification and traini

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