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Welding bead bending test

Handling of well-known or new materials. We either have or find a solution for you. We provide you with advice with regard to the selection of the materials and to their processing by means of welding technology and joining technology - in concrete terms, in relation to your design and to your components.

On behalf of the customers, we issue test certificates according to DIN EN 10204 in conjunction with material acceptances.

In this respect, the spectrum of materials for which we have particular competence with regard to their processing by means of welding technology encompasses:

  • Steels / processing by means of welding technology
    • Mild and low-alloyed steels
    • Chrome-nickel steels
    • Corrosion-resistant steels
    • Case hardening steels
    • Weathering-resistant steels
    • Old steels
    • Steels for utilisation in offshore technology
    • Steels for utilisation in mechanical engineering
    • Steels in automobile construction
  • Cast materials / processing by means of welding technology
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Copper alloys
  • Other non-ferrous metals / alloys




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