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Surface technology & corrosion protection

Corrosion protection is value retention and practised environmental protection

In industry and skilled trades, metallic materials are used for the most diverse products such as ships, cranes, bridges, machines, vehicles, rail vehicles, halls, staircases, railings, onshore or offshore wind energy installations etc.

However, notwithstanding all the advantages of the metallic materials, it is repeatedly necessary to take account of the fact that metals have a natural inclination to corrosion.

Deficient corrosion protection leads to:

  • Corrosion damage at an early stage and a restricted utilisation duration of the structure
  • Expensive repair measures on the coating system
  • Depending on the type of coating systems, environmental burdens

Effective corrosion protection thus makes an absolutely essential contribution to the sustainability of products.


Our spectrum of services for corrosion protection on materials and structures

Measures such as claddings, coatings and coating systems, the use of weather-resistant and stainless steels, galvanisation (hot dip galvanisation) and thermal spraying serve to protect the components and the structures from corrosion attacks.

Therefore, stringent requirements are set on the executions by means of corrosion protection technology.

Due to expertly trained personnel (amongst others, as Frosio coating inspectors), SLV Duisburg can offer the following services:

  • Advice and expert reports
  • Monitoring of corrosion protection work
  • Checking of corrosion protection work: execution of various corrosion protection tests according to the current standards and sets of rules as field procedures or in the laboratory or the works

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