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Trust our experts and your welding technology processes and your fabrication by means of welding technology will run flawlessly!

During the preparation of the fabrication, the calculation or the testing of the equipment, companies often have a need for support from experienced specialists or using suitable installation technology. Depending on the terms of reference, you are supported by the contacts from the locations with the corresponding core competence. This encompasses the application of well-known and new processes in welding technology and joining technology. The mechanisation and automation of welding technology processes with the utilisation of robots and cooperatively working robot systems form one essential main focal point of GSI's services.

We have particular competence with regard to the application of the following welding technology processes:


In this respect, the joining technology competence also encompasses the brazing and soldering processes: arc brazing / laser beam brazing, soldering, brazing and high-temperature brazing.

In addition to the thermal joining processes, GSI's services also encompass the application of joining technology processes such as: adhesive bonding technology, mechanical joining and screwed joints.

Increasing significance is being attached to the surface coating processes by means of thermal spraying, flame spraying with wire and powder, high-velocity oxy-fuel spraying, arc and plasma flame spraying as well as plastics flame spraying.

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