GSI – Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik international mbH
SLV – Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalten
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Induction brazing/soldering

  • We advise and try out: brazing/soldering technology applications (soldering, brazing and high-temperature brazing).
  •  We provide you with assistance if you would like to optimise your brazed/soldered components even further or to safeguard the quality in a particular way.
  • We instruct, train and qualify specialised personnel for brazing/soldering technology, also in an absolutely individual form.
  • Of course, we draft expert reports for you or represent your subject-specific concerns. If you wish, also worldwide! 


Brazer/solderer training / brazing/soldering procedure qualification tests

  • As a notified body, we train and certify your specialist personnel for work in the field subject to monitoring (Pressure Equipment Directive).
  • Together with you, we qualify your brazed/soldered components within the framework of a procedure qualification test according to national and international regulations.


Brazing/soldering metallurgy

We make proposals, create specimens and show solution paths with regard to the joining possibility by means of brazing/soldering technology. We open up to you the fabrication paths right up to series fabrication.


Training in situ

How good are you?
How safe are you?

We help you in situ:

  • With ongoing training measures
  • With optimisation proposals
  • Or with critical quality assesments

Examples of brazing/soldering

Our equipment

  • Everything for soldering and brazing
  • Furnace brazing/soldering
  • Induction brazing/soldering
  • Brazing/soldering with and without flux
  • Arc brazing/soldering (e.g. "MIG" brazing/soldering)


  • Nearly all materials
  • Numerous brazing material / solder alloys
  • CrNi steels
  • Aluminium alloys 

Contact person

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