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tainless steels and, in particular, the austenitic CrNi steels have been utilised ever more frequently in recent years. Not only the special machining and processing but also, above all, the handling by means of welding technology taking account of the aspect of the corrosion resistance play significant roles here. In the case of stainless CrNi steels or titanium, temper colours are caused by the heat effect from the welding process and the surrounding air oxygen. With regard to economic aspects, the objective here is to avoid the temper colours associated with the welding process if at all possible and not to remove them subsequently. 

Would you like to learn more about forming possibilities from an independent party?
In this respect, we train and advise you on the following subjects:

  • Fundamentals of materials, oxides and corrosion
  • Forming gas technology in practical utilisation
  • What gas for what material / welding procedure
  • Remachining of CrNi steels (grinding, etching ...)

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