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Laser technology

From many years of close cooperation with users, jobbing companies and machine manufacturers, comprehensive know-how relating to laser technology is at your disposal. Thus, we offer you individual and standardised available ranges of development services relating to laser technology.

- From process development or parameter optimisation via the joinability of materials right up to support in situ with or without the training of the operating personnel. Everything from one source. -

  • Advice about laser beam sources and machining stations
  • Process optimisation on your premises in situ
  • Manufacture of prototypes and small-scale series
  • Feasibility investigations into laser beam welding, laser beam brazing/soldering and surface treatment
  • Qualification of materials, e.g. SEP 1220‑3
  • Training and qualification of personnel, e.g. laser protection officer, also on your premises in situ


Processes for laser beam machining 

Laser beam welding

  • Welding of the most diverse materials (steel, aluminium alloys, nickel-based alloys and titanium) and material combinations
  • Material thicknesses from 50 µm to 2 mm with pulsed lasers, if necessary with pulse shaping
  • Material thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 10 mm with cw lasers
  • Low heat input and therefore low distortion are typical of laser beam welds
  • Narrow and slender welds
  • High welding speeds
  • Welding with and without welding filler wire


Laser beam (fine) cutting:

  • Cutting of various materials with the cutting gases: argon, nitrogen, oxygen or helium
  • Cutting with high precision, even with very thin material thicknesses
  • Burr-free and oxide-free cut edges, depending on the cutting gas


Laser beam surface treatment:

  • Hardening of mild and alloyed heat-treatable and tool steels
  • Remelting of cast alloys, e.g. camshafts and crankshafts
  • Remelting of thermally sprayed coats for hardfacing
  • Surface welding with filler wire as wear protection or as corrosion protection
  • Surface welding with filler wire or powder for the repair of tools


Laser beam brazing/soldering:

  • Brazing with CuSi3 or CuAl8 for steel materials or for galvanised steel sheets
  • Brazing of nickel-based materials with silver-based brazing materials
  • Soldering of electronic components with Pb-free tin soldering pastes
  • Brazing material / solder addition as brazing/soldering wire, brazing/soldering foil or brazing/soldering paste


Technical equipment

Nd‑YAG laser, cw (P = 4.4 kW)

  • Robot-guided laser machining system
  • For welding, surface treatment and brazing/soldering

Nd‑YAG laser, pulsed (P = 500 W)

  • Gantry-guided laser system with high precision
  • For welding, cutting, surface treatment and brazing/soldering 

Nd‑YAG laser, pulsed (P = 75 W)

  • Gantry-guided laser system with high precision
  • For precision welding, fine cutting, surface treatment and microbrazing/microsoldering

Nd‑YAG laser, pulsed (P = 50 W)

  • Manual laser workplace
  • For welding, precision welding and microbrazing/microsoldering
  • Particularly suitable for establishing the weldability of materials without delay
  • Particularly suitable for manufacturing prototypes

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