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    Mechanisation & automation

    Range of services on offer

    Mechanisation and automation
    • Advice about the utilisation of fully mechanised welding processes
    • Procedure development for fully mechanised welding using robots
    • Manufacture of pilot series
    • Advice about welding technology
    • Finding and optimisation of parameters for all the fully mechanised welding and joining processes
    • Optimisation of existing fully mechanised welding processes
    • Training and instruction with regard to the particular influencing variables relating to welding technology during gas-shielded arc welding with a robot in theory and practice
    • Training and qualification in order to recognise operators for fusion welding with fully mechanised and automated welding processes according to DIN EN ISO 14732

    Technical equipment

    • Qirox industrial welding robot (six-axis) with tilt-and-turn table and Quinto2 or Qineo welding power source (Cloos)
    • YASKAWA-Motomann HP20 industrial robot (six-axis) with tilt-and-turn table and Fronius TPS 4000 CMT / 5000 CMT Advanced
    • Mobile linear welding robot MWR‑350 with laser sensor for online weld tracking and adaptive welding (Servo-Robot)

    Joining processes

    • MIG/MAG welding: standard, pulsed, high-current and two-wire technologies
    • TIG/plasma welding: standard, pulsed and high-frequency technologies with and without cold wire


    • Structural steels
    • CrNi steels
    • Nickel and nickel alloys
    • Aluminium and aluminium alloys
    • Copper

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