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Within the framework of a programme of ongoing education for managers which was implemented by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Carl Duisberg Centres (CDC), a group of Chinese executives visited the SLV Duisburg branch of GSI on August 24, 2015 under the motto "Fit for Partnership with Germany".

In addition to an insight into the portfolio of GSI's training and further education, GSI presented its extensive services and available ranges of services to the Chinese guests. The introduction to GSI's branch GSI SLV Kunshan in China attracted particularly great…

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Mr Oliver Moschner-Schweder, Product Manager of FANUC Germany GmbH, had the chance to present the interaction of a FANUC - robot with a FRONIUS - Welding Trainer (VWTS- Virtual Welding Training System) to representatives of GSI mbH at the GSI Welding Training Center in Oberhausen, Germany.

The interaction of robots and welding trainer systems is an interesting development that one should keep an eye on. Collaboration with FANUC in addition to cooperation with other manufacturers of VWTS was rated as an interesting extension to the welding training range in general.

The participants agreed to…

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On June 26, 2015, two large organisations, the American Welding Society (AWS) and the Regional Association of the German Welding Society (DVS) in the Baltic States, held a joint workshop in Estonia's capital, Tallinn. The conference venue for this specialist event staged by DVS was the ATB (Approved Training Body) of DVS PersZert, the Tallinna Lasnamäe Mehaanikakool (TLMK). This all-encompassing workshop brought together 75 fellow experts from eight different countries. Of great significance to the participants and the organisers: DVS's specialist event was opened by Mr. Reinhard Wiemer,…

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You are interested in 2 free day tickets for the DVS EXPO on 15-17th September 2015 in Nuremberg? On the Facebook page of the GSI mbH two free daily tickets will be given away for free.

For more information, please visit the GSI mbH Facebook page.

For more information about DVS EXPO and the DVS CONGRESS, please visit the DVS EXPO website.

Contact: Vincenzo Coda

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In the wake of the development of the welding technology training in India, the GSI Foreign Coordinator, Dipl. Ing. Christian Ahrens, inspected Indian companies in Mumbai, Indore, Bengaluru and Trichy on July 6   16, 2015.

The contact was initiated by the "Indian Day" of iMove. Christian Ahrens gained an overview of the equipment of state-run training centres called ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes) and privately managed companies which are interested in cooperation for the training of, for example, welding instructors.

GSI was able to receive declarations of intent for Train the Trainer…

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The EWF - European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting published a White Paper with a worth reading summary of the importance of the welding industry for economic development in Europe. The White Paper takes arguments of DVS - German Welding Society and GSI - Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International into consideration, including the DVS study results on the economic significance of joining technology in the European countries.

Quote from the White Paper:

“Europe has signalled that industry plays a critical growth area for the region as well as of key importance for Europe´s…

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GSI mbH and its cooperating facilities will use the DVS EXPO 2015 for a comprehensive presentation of their products and services. The GSI will draw from its over 85 years of experience in the joining, cutting and testing. In hall 4A at the stand D05 there will be both contemporary GSI services, e.g. presented to issues of quality assurance and materials technology, as well as modern welding training and further education ranges. One focus will lie on e-learning and blended learning ranges of GSI (welding engineer, welding technologist, welding specialist etc.), which are playing an…

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In addition to the Annual Welding Conference and other specialist conferences in Nuremberg, the third international specialist congress entitled "WELDING TRAINER 2015 - the Future of Education" on September 16, 2015 will present itself with a day-filling programme within the framework of the DVS CONGRESS and the DVS EXPO. In Saal Shanghai in the fair halls in Nuremberg, twelve lectures delivered by experts on the subjects from the USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Portugal, Austria and Germany will be joined together into a logical series of lectures.

While the first part of the conference…

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On June 26, 2015, the Open House 2015 event at voestalpine Böhler Welding came to an end after five days with an exhibition, expert lectures and the exchange of specialist opinions. Certainly a reason to make an assessment and to inform you about the GSI lectures at this juncture. In total, over ten different speakers delivered expert lectures on the subjects of joining welding, maintenance and cladding as well as brazing/soldering - and more than 1,000 guests took up the invitation to the Open House 2015 every day.

Modern welder training - Basis for fitness in production

During the series…

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sequa has launched a new EU-project in consortium with the partners CETIME (Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques et Electriques) and GSI – Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH in Tunisia. The project is initially scheduled to end in March 2016.

The project is designed for trainers of the Tunisian partner CETIME and Tunisian vocational schools, especially to young graduates and undergraduates of vocational schools and universities. The GSI will develop courses that will facilitate their entry into the labor market, for example, industry specialists will learn specialized…

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