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GSI mbH and its cooperating facilities will use the DVS CONGRESS and the DVS EXPO on September 14-17, 2015 for a comprehensive presentation of their products and services. As speakers and chairpersons of discussions, 25 representatives from the GSI group will be involved in the largest welding and joining technology event in Germany in 2015 - the complete programme can be retrieved from DVS CONGRESS 2015

In their lectures during the DVS CONGRESS, the GSI representatives will deal with the following subjects:

Process developments

  • Plasma cutting of stainless steels - Possibilities and…
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Periodically, GSI updates its overview of GSI services. At a glance the GSI Compact permits a quick grasp of the extensive range offered by GSI in the field of theoretical and practical training, research and development and the GSI services. 

The training and further education are carried out by nationally and internationally recognized guidelines. Training courses are available as classroom and e-learning courses, in-house training and company-specific training. Other services GSI offer to your advantage are: 

- Education and training abroad
- Accredited testing laboratories (EN ISO/IEC…

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On May 19th 2015, the General Assembly of the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) is held together with the EUROJOIN 9 in Bergen (Norway). Germany is represented by Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Eßer-Ayertey (DVS) and Dipl.-Ing. Christian Ahrens (GSI).

During the well-attended event, the focus lies on the change of policies and procedures in order to meet the EU laws to do justice for cross-border trade services. In future it should be easier for all EWF members, to offer their training and certification services across countries with fewer restrictions where the customer wants…

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GSI - Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH (GSI mbH) has published its annual report in 2014 and gives a current overview of the competences and services of the company, the cooperating institutions and the branches abroad. In addition to presenting the general business of GSI mbH the domestic branches are presented in brief profiles and the activities abroad are subsumed separately.

In the business year 2014, a total of € 1.1 million was invested in modernizing the training facilities. According to the non-profit making purpose of the company, any available funds are…

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In April 2015, representatives of GSI (D), the Central Welding Technology Institute in Vienna - SZA (A) and the Swiss Welding Society - SVS (CH) congregated on the occasion of the now already traditional meeting of DACH.

Apart from the reciprocal information about the latest developments in the participating societies, the discussions were strongly characterised by the subject of the utilisation of teaching and learning documents for welding technology and testing technology. There were intensive consultations about the German-language documents provided by GSI, as are used in Switzerland…

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On 22-23 April, 2015 the 5th meeting of the EU-project consortium INTERACTIVWELD took place at the SVS-Schweizerische…

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An exciting program promises the event OPEN HOUSE 2015 taking place at voestalpine Böhler Welding Germany GmbH in Hamm in the period from 23.-26. June 2015. In a daily lecture series the subjects joint welding, maintenance and plating, as well as soldering will be lectured.

The GSI lecture on the topic "Modern welder training - basis for fitness in the production" can be heard daily from 12:00 pm. In German and English language new concept contents will be presented, leading to lower outages in production during training due to health restrictions. Lecturers for the GSI mbH are Wolfgang…

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On April 9, 2015, an Indian delegation visited the SLV Berlin-Brandenburg branch of GSI. At the request of iMOVE (International Marketing of Vocational Education), SLV Berlin-Brandenburg provided the Indian guests with insights into the field of training and further education, including a tour of the workshops and the laboratories. The highlight of the visit was the impressive demonstration given by Dipl. Ing. Steffen Risse from the Friction Stir Welding (FSW) division.

The Indian group encompassed participants from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and…

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With effect from April 1, 2015, Mrs. Karina Sydekum was appointed as the Deputy Quality Management Officer (QMO) at GSI. In this function, Mrs. Sydekum will support the QMO at GSI (Mr. Heinz M. Klein). In this respect, Mrs. Sydekum will principally deal with the accreditation of measures according to the Accreditation and Authorisation Ordinance for Employment Promotion (AZAV). In addition to the application for measures according to AZAV, she will be partly responsible for the quality management at GSI.

For this purpose, Mrs. Sydekum will also assume responsibility for the joint processing…

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GSI Educational Programme 2015 has been issued!

News from: SLV Duisburg

GSI Educational Programme 2015 has just been issued and can be downloaded.

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